The reason you are not doing more invisalign cases

If 75% of your patients could benefit from teeth straightening why aren’t you doing a minimum of 1 case per week?


Let’s go back to basics – in dental school we are taught to diagnose caries, periodontal issues etc and treat accordingly. You need to retrain your mind to add malocclusion into what you are diagnosing and what needs to be discussed with the patient.

Your body language, the words you choose to use and whether you really believe in what you are saying will all influence the patient’s decision to proceed. Often there are not only aesthetic benefits to treatment but also functional. Improving the alignment could prevent tooth wear, allow better oral hygiene or simply allow more conservative preparations for direct or indirect restorations.

Believe that treatment will make your patients happier and healthier – if you believe it, they will too!

Set your goals

1. Decide on your goal and the time frame

Gold standard should be a minimum of one Invisalign case per week or four per month. Remember 75% of your existing patient base could benefit from teeth straightening – EXISTING! We’re not even talking about potential new patients here!

2. Write it down

The physical act of putting your goals in writing makes it real. Get your team to write it down too – a staff board in a common area is great for this. This way it is visible to the whole team and will help maintain focus and accountability towards this goal. Use positive language and affirmations, for example “We WILL do 4 cases this month” not “We would like to do 4 cases this month.”

3. Make a plan

By writing out the steps to make your goals happen and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you will realise that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.

Steps should include:

  • getting your practice and website ready with Invisalign information and marketing materials
  • getting a staff member into treatment (seeing is believing for patients)
  • setting a date for an Invisalign promotional day or evening
  • incentivising your staff to give them some skin in the game

4. Continued Education is key

Did you know that doctors that attend 2 or more continued education events (e.g. webinar, study club, activation event) grow 8x MORE than those who don’t attend any! So, get on as many courses and webinars as your time allows.

When you attend one of our Invisalign courses you get access to all of this free of charge: peer to peer support on our online forum, one to one support through a screen sharing service called Case Café, a host of webinars and study clubs!

So decide today what your goals are – make them realistic and most of all MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

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