Case Studies

How do I take good impressions for Invisalign Go?

The materials needed are PVS impression material and Invisalign impression trays. The dental impression technique is described in detail on your IDS site under Education/Treatment Process/Impression taking.

What can I get an overview of my treatment?

Everything you need to do at each appointment is written in the ClinCheck treatment plan, which is located on the right under the Treatment Tab.

Where can I learn more about attachments and attachment placement?

You an learn more about this at your Invisalign Doctor Site [IDS] under the education tab.

Where can I learn more about the IPR technique?

You an learn more about this at your Invisalign Doctor Site [IDS] under the education tab.

What is the Treatment Monitoring Checklist ?

  1. Check aligner fit
  2. Check attachments fit
  3. Check contact points
  4. Proceed with IPR (if indicated)
  5. Deliver next sets of aligners

What is the Progress Assessment Tool?

At any time during treatment, this tool allows you to upload new intra-*oral photos to confirm that the case is tracking as planned. If a case ever goes off track, a new treatment plan will be developed and Additional Aligners provided at no charge [subject to terms and conditions].

How do I use the Progress Assessment Tool?

You will need to upload new intra-oral pictures and indicate what aligner your patient is currently wearing. You can then submit Progress Assessment. This will give a response that the patient is on track or off‐track . If the patient is off‐track you may need to submit an order for Additional Aligners.

What happens if a patient is off-track?

If patient is off-track, you can order* Additional Aligners to recapture the tooth movements.What to do:

  1. Hold patient at current/best-fitting aligner
  2. Fill in the online Additional Aligners order
  3. Send new photos
  4. Send intra-oral scans/PVS impressions of arches needing correction. You will receive a new ClinCheck treatment plan for review and approval.


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