ClinCheck planning & IPR by Dr Sandy

Dr Sandy’s (ClinCheck Queen) Bio

Dr Sandy is a General Dental Practitioner, she joined the UK Clinical team with Align Technology in 2017 providing clinical support and training to Invisalign providers. This involved having expert knowledge of the ClinCheck treatment planning software in order to provide case specific advice on optimising ClinChecks for predictable results.

In 2019 Dr Sandy joined Aligner Consulting where she continues to provide Clinical Education in aligner therapy. Alongside this she manages the Aligner Consulting speaker team across Europe

Hi AGC members, welcome back to my ClinCheck planning series!

This week we are talking about interproximal reduction, or IPR. If you need to create space in the arch, the chances are this will be through a combination of proclination, expansion and some IPR. It’s important for you to understand how IPR is displayed in the ClinCheck plan, when it needs to be performed and how to best utilise it for aesthetics as well as space creation.

How to ‘read’ the planned IPR in your ClinCheck?

IPR displays in the ClinCheck plan as a diamond shape, and this represents how much space is needed in total at the future contact point. Hover over the IPR icon and it will show you the aligner stage by which this space should be created. The IPR icon is colour coded as follows:

White = planned IPR not yet performed

Yellow = perform IPR prior to that aligner stage being fitted

Grey = IPR previously performed

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