Top 3 tips for a successful invisalign consultation

1. Be prepared!

You need to have everything ready before the patient comes in and be familiar with the digital aspect (Invisalign Doctor Site & Aligner Consulting Forum). Have your typodont and camera to hand. This way, everything goes smoothly and the patient will trust you as you come across as being confident and in control.

2. It’s a performance!

You need to think that you are acting and doing a performance for the patient. This means knowing your “script” so you can answer any of the questions that the patient may ask. The patient is the centre of the performance so go and greet them in the waiting room, shake their hand and escort them into the surgery. Then go through your set routine. The more you practice, the better you will become!

3. Be confident!

Patients assume that you are an expert at all aspects of dentistry including Invisalign. It is only you that will change that perception! Do not use phrases that are negative.

“This is my first ever case!”
“I’m really not sure about this!”
“It might not work!”

Stay positive and engage in honest discussion with the patients. Explain the pros and cons of treatment. The more confident you are, the more confidence the patient will have in you and your acceptance levels will increase!


By Aligner Consulting speaker Dr Lance Knight BDS (hons and distinction) Diploma in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry (UCLan)

Dr Lance Knight qualified from the University of Manchester with Distinction and Honours in 2001. He set up his first practice in 2007 in Manchester, the Ultimate Smile Spa, and was responsible for creating a chain of private practices in supermarkets, Instore Dental, over the following years. Invisalign quickly became his first-choice orthodontic option and he has gone on to complete hundreds of cases and became a platinum elite provider. He currently works in an advisory capacity and mentors dentists along with lecturing on Invisalign and facial aesthetics.

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