14 Aligners to straighter teeth

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Aligner Consulting Forum case winner ANDREW HENDERSON shares his Invisalign Doctor journey using Invisalign Go to treat his first case – his nurse!

In November 2016, keen to add another string to my bow, and encouraged by a webinar I had watched, I enrolled on the Invisalign Go course. This, along with the support of the Aligner Consulting forum gave me the confidence to begin treating patients in practice.

A nurse at the practice, Sophie, volunteered to be my first case. Sophie had undergone orthodontic treatment previously to expose an ectopic canine but had subsequently suffered relapse resulting in crowding of her lower incisors and the upper left lateral incisor and canine were in crossbite.

  • Sophie’s dentition was healthy but her upper right central incisor had a small enamel fracture.
  • Initial assessment concluded that Sophie would be suitable for treatment with Invisalign Go and the ClinCheck plan produced a result which we were happy with, utilising IPR and 14 aligners.
  • Sophie changed the aligners at two-weekly intervals and the teeth tracked nicely as expected. Following completion of Invisalign treatment we were delighted with the results. We were able to finish the case with whitening followed by addition of composite to the incisal edge of the upper right central incisor and upper and lower fixed retainers.
Figure 1: Before Invisalign treatment
Figure 2: After Invisalign treatment
Figure 3: Before final restorative treatment
Figure 4: After final restorative treatment
Figure 5: ClinCheck plan before treatment
Figure 6: ClinCheck plan after treatment
Dr. Andrew Henderson BDS

Andrew Henderson BDS qualified from Newcastle Dental Hospital in 2001 and has spent 15 years working at Goodwins Dental Practice in Cockermouth, Cumbria providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and sedation. www.goodwindentalpractice.co.uk