Invisalign Go as a restorative element

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By Dr. Barry Buckley BDS (HONS) MFDS RCSE

Patients Chief Complaint:

Large gaps in her teeth

Clinical analysis:

Microdontia/hypodontia had severely affected the aesthetics of this lady’s smile. She had been offered surgery and fixed braces plus veneers but the operation was too daunting.

The expected final outcome:

Ideally to close the spaces as much as possible. The patient was quite realistic and didn’t expect perfection.

By using the outcome simulator and then clincheck we were able to plan the case properly with a very minimal intervention approach. Invisalign Go was all that was needed to facilitate the final restorations here.

Invisalign Go phase

Go treatment was 14 aligners with one refinement. Aligners worn for 5 months and with weekly changes.

From this stage a diagnostic wax up was created and the final smile was restored using prepless veneers/prepless veneer bridge

Intral-oral view, pre-treatment
Intral-oral, post Invisalign treatment
Intral-oral, post restorative
Smile view, pre-treatment
Trial smile try-in/ No prep required
End result – post Invisalign & restorative
Estimated outcome
Estimated outcome

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