Case of the month: Invisalign Go & Aesthetic Dentistry

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By Dr. Clare Simon

Invisalign Go has given me the tools to provide an alternative treatment option to those patients who wish to undergo aesthetic dental treatment.

The case below was completed in 4 months and goes to show the difference you can make to a patient’s smile in such a short space of time.

The patient’s chief complaints were:

  1. Overlapping upper front teeth
  2. Lower crowded incisors

The patient was medically fit and well, brushed twice daily with interdental aids. An orthodontic assessment was carried out and the following was noted: Skeletal Class I, average FMPA, average LAFH, competent lips, class I molar relationship and class I canines on both sides.

The upper and lower centreline was coincident with the face. Incisors were Class I. The overbite was normal, the overjet was normal. Upper incisor crowding was 1mm whilst lower incisor crowding was 3mm.

On the first appointment initial photos and impressions were taken to provide a clincheck.
Before treatment
After treatment
Before treatment
After treatment

The patient was very happy with the clincheck so we proceeded with manufacturing the aligners.

Once the aligners had arrived, the first phase was to do provide 0.3mm IPR between the LR3/4, LR1/LL1 and LL3/4. This was performed using interproximal strips. I also needed to bond composite attachments on several of the teeth.

A month later the patient came back for a review to make sure there were no tight contacts, that the composite attachments were in place and the new aligners were fitting well.

During the 3rd month of treatment the patient returned for some further IPR in the lower anterior region; 0.3mm stripping was performed between the LR3/LR2, LR2/LR1, LL1/LL2 and LL2/3.

During the 4th aligner month of treatment, it was a straight forward appointment again to check no contacts were tight and to make sure the composite attachments were still intact.

In total there were 10 aligners required to straighten the top teeth and 16 for the lower teeth.

No finishing adjustments needed to be made as the patient was delighted with the final results.

Dr Clare Simon

Dr Clare Simon graduated from King’s College London in 2010 and went on to achieve her Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties MJDF (RCS ENG) in 2012. Dr Simon works in general practice in North London where she has a keen interest in facial and dental aesthetics and has done further training in this area along with becoming an Invisalign Go provider.