Top 3 tips for a successful invisalign consultation

1. Be prepared! You need to have everything ready before the patient comes in and be familiar with the digital aspect (Invisalign Doctor Site & Aligner Consulting Forum). Have your

3 common aligner issues and how to solve them

As you start more Invisalign cases you and your team will begin to be asked the same questions from your patients. Below we have collated the most common issues you

The reason you are not doing more invisalign cases

If 75% of your patients could benefit from teeth straightening why aren’t you doing a minimum of 1 case per week? THE REASON IS YOU! Let’s go back to basics

What are overcorrection aligners?

What are overcorrection aligners? In traditional Orthodontics, overcorrection is tooth movement beyond the ideal final position to compensate for potential dental relapse. You may choose to apply these principles to

Website Launch

The world’s first independent expert-led dental academy dedicated to Invisalign technology has launched a brand-new website. We are so happy with the results. Think a slicker look, interactive and engaging.