1 Profession. 1 Community.

Dear General Dentists across the globe,

We need to come together to make a positive change within the Dental profession! Where can you turn to seek critical support and expert advice without fear of judgment? Who can you trust to provide honest, impartial, and objective input that exists to serve you and improve your professional development? How can you connect with like-minded dentists to share knowledge and resources and direction on your career choices?

As a profession, we have spent years underserviced, undersupported and unaligned. Large companies and industries have profited from our profession, which is fine, but it should not come at our expense. The dentist of today is beset with red tape and regulation overload, ever-increasing litigation costs, rising overheads and marketplace driven by marketeers with no clinical know-how, who are driving the fee structures down year-on-year. What this means is that it is the dentist in the middle that is getting squeezed. If we don’t do something now what kind of future does the profession have?

Large corporations are buying up practices and paying pittance for goodwill while simultaneously valuing the very same practices to the stock market at 5 times what they pay for them. Where is the equity here? As long as we are disjointed as a profession this will continue. Until we unite under one common goal we will never be valued fairly. For too long we have let others dictate what happens within our profession and we feel the time is right to try to effect change for the better.

The Aligner Global Community has been set up to be exactly this – a place for dentists , built by dentists and in support of dentists. Join the #1Profession1Community movement and let’s unite. We are Stronger Together.

#1P1C is a global movement, forged by like-minded professionals, with a common goal: to drive growth, positive change, and a sense of community within the dental industry through unity, opportunity, communication and knowledge sharing. No bullsh*t, no hidden T’s & C’s and no ulterior motives!

Our multi-dimensional Global Community connects dental professionals from across the globe, empowering YOU through community-based education, peer support, entertaining and enriching events designed to help you grow, and services tailored to YOUR unique needs, with features including: 


  • Live Events
  • Expert-led Masterclasses
  • Group Buying Opportunities
  • eCommerce Marketplace
  • Clinical Q&A Sessions
  • Ted-type Talks
  • Dentistry Talk Shows
  • Downloadable Resources, eBook & Toolkits
  • Marketing Materials

… And so much more!

We are on a mission to empower and support the dental community through strength in numbers. If we start small and simple with clinical education and group buying today, then over time who knows what we can achieve together. Are you ready to join forces with thousands of other dental professionals and make a change for the better within the industry?

Aligner Consulting Co-Founders

Join the #1P1C movement, have your say and become a better and more profitable dentist!